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How to check and fix Computer Hard Drive Errors

Here is another tip on computer Hard Drives. Your computer hard drive is one of the key components of your computer system, and maintaining and check for errors are regularly is paramount for the longevity of your computer. Below is few tips on how you can check for errors in your computer hard drive.

Windows has an inbuilt mechanism for hard disk recovery using which you can check a storage media, internal or external HDD, for errors.

To check the error go to My Computer/This PC > Drive (right-click) > Properties > Tools tab. Click Check.

1. To check for errors on your computer hard disk check the options as shown by 1 in the diagram above. This will automatically check for errors and fix them.
2.  Select option 2 as shown on the diagram above  if errors exist in your hard drive. This will scan for and recover bad sectors (with errors) on your hard drive.

The two procedures will try to fix errors in your computer hard drive.

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