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Mobile Phone SMS marketing linking 2 million people in PNG

Imagine the potential of being able to communicate with 2 million people all at once.
Trend Media Pacifc, a full service media business has the ability to facilitate for such through SMS marketing.
Digital Marketing Specialist at Trend Media, Michael Solomon explains that by inserting a link to an SMS that  clicks out to a Facebook page or website, Trend helps clients reach more people.
The SMS message directs receivers to any online destination like a Facebook page or website.

Solomon says that with Trend Media’s database of over 2 million people in PNG this can give clients
unparalleled reach into the market.
The company has to date run many SMS campaigns across PNG for a wide range of clients, from leading brands, to top Political Candidates competing in the upcoming election.
“SMS is a powerful medium and it doesn’t have to boring” says Solomon who further outlined impressive results from recent SMS campaigns including, a leading insurance brand using SMS with a link to their online form seeing a 200% increase in leads.
He says that a leading beverage maker when using TM’s service saw an excess of 1500 people to their website via SMS.
The potential of SMS marketing is massive which has seen interests from politicians, Solomon says that recently a political candidate using the service to drive people to his Facebook page managed to increase his page likes by 20% overnight.
“One advantage to the service is the reach to a large number of your audience via location and device type, a service aspect that most politicians as well as political parties would find useful this election period,” Solomon adds.  LoopPNG

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