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Businesses urged to plug cyber brain drain

AUSTRALIA’S cyber security brain drain could be slowed if big business and governments were less afraid to embrace local start-ups and new technology, an expert says.
Professor Greg Austin, from the Centre for Cyber Security at the University of New South Wales said too many companies were moving abroad after struggling to secure contracts at home.
Cog Systems, a promising start-up operating out of an unassuming office among the cafes and restaurants of Newtown in Sydney, has every reason to leave the country.
The company has developed the technology underpinning what is marketed as the world’s most secure smartphone. So far, the bulk of its customers are based in the US.
They include the US Department of Defence, Department of Homeland Security and government agencies.
Chief executive officer Dr Daniel Potts said: “We’ve been focusing on government users largely because they drive the high ground.
“They set a lot of the certification standards to try to make things better. That then trickles into the large enterprises and then the rest of the consumer market.” – ABC News
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