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PNG's Nicta offers three operator’s licences to Digicel

The Papua New Guinea  National Information and Communication Technology Authority offers three licences to allow companies to operate information and communication services, chief executive Charles Punaha says.
He was responding to questions during a media conference on Friday regarding the companies which were allowed to operate broadcasting, internet and communication services.
“Under the operator’s licence, we have network licence, application and content license,” he said.
Punaha said when Digicel first came in, it operated as a mobile network company. It has been given the three licences since. Under the network licence, the company was given the right to install and construct infrastructure around the country.
“The content licence covers both the television broadcasting and the internet service which Digicel is providing,” he said.
“The application licence enables Digicel to provide ICT services to the public. So Digicel have three classes of licences that give them the right to go into content that covers podcasting and to provide internet services.”
Punaha said it was wrong to think that companies such as Digicel only came in as a mobile operator.
“In today’s technology, it’s what we call converse technology. There is no clear definition as to what an operator can provide,” he said.
“There is conversion between content and different applications. So in the case of Digicel, they have the right to provide content.”
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