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Enforcing cyber law ‘a concern’ in PNG

Enforcement of the cybercrime legislation is still a concern to the Papua New Guinea National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta), its chief executive Charles Punaha, pictured, says.
He was responding to media questions in regard to the progress made on the cybercrime policy approved in 2015.
“After the policy was approved, the cybercrime legislation was enacted by parliament in Ocober last year,” Punaha said.
“But then we do admit that enforcement is still a big concern as we are in the process of trying to build capacity within Nicta as well as trying to assist police.”
Punaha said they had plans to set up an initial team to train trainers.
“We are awaiting appropriate endorsement to do that,” he said.
Punaha said that after building up capacity, they needed to carry out awareness among the stakeholders.
“At the moment, there is so much confusion as to who has the responsibility to carry out investigation and prosecution as these are matters that we are still discussing,” he said.
“But as per the legislation, the police have the authority to initiate investigations on people’s complaints and, of course, Nicta will assist police with information to prosecute offenders.
Communication and Information Technology Minister Francis Manake said because national security was starting to become a problem in the country in terms of cybercrime issues like cyberbullying on social media platforms.
“I know that information and knowledge is power and therefore I am committed to see that the policy on cybercrime security and the cybercrime legislation is implemented without delay.” The National
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