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Bits+Bytes: is your iPhone being throttled?

Things are heating up for Apple. Why did they intentionally slow down the performance of iPhones without telling consumers, or giving them the option to opt out? Is there a way to tell if your phone’s processor is being throttled, and if there is, what can you do to improve performance?

There’s more fallout from the world’s biggest hardware fault that affects most of our computers making them vulnerable to hackers. It turns out some patches that can be installed to fix it slow down your machine – how much slower will your PC run?

The World Health Organisation recognises video game addiction as a mental disorder.

And we hear why a Chinese electric car has everyone going ‘wow’ at the CES, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, and answer listener's questions about why campgrounds and motels do not offer unlimited wifi data for their customers and which tech jobs are best for young people. Source: Radio New Zealand 
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