Internet Settings on Telikom PNG 34/4G, LTE Mobile Network Access Point Name Settings

Here is a tip on how you can configure the Internet on Telikom PNG 3G/4G, LTE Mobile  phones. If you have a Telikom Phone or an internet dongle, you can set up the following to access the internet on your device. 

Note: Telikom network is already in and around throughout  PNG's major town's and urban places, "The Telikom 4G Network."

How to check for 4G compatibility 
Before you sign up with 4G,
First check your Handset or Mobile if it is 4G Compatible., 
To confirm that, > go to settings, >more, >mobile network, > prefered network.

If you see LTE GSM, WCDMA (Auto)
or 4G GSM ,WCDMA (Auto)
then, your Handset is Competiable to Telikom's 4G Network SIM.

If do you have the 4G settings, don't worry, you device may by compatible with 3G which is also high speed internet. 

How to set up Access Point Name Settings

After you sign up for a Telikom's 3G/4G network SIM ,this is how you set your Access Point Network- APN.

Go to;
Mobile Network
APN Settings:
*name - Telikom Mobile Internet
*APN name - internet

Do NOT change or Add anything that follows after above,
*MCC - 537
*MNC - 02
Then go to option and SAVE these settings.
Make Sure that Telikom 4G network SIM is in slot/position 1 for dual SIM mobiles.

Restart or Reboot your mobile to see if your settings are working ...

Enjoy the Service...... Telikom PNG.

Members to Access NCSL Services via Mobile Phones

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