2Degree Mobile Data Balance and own number codes

If you own a 2 Degree Mobile phone. You can use the following codes to check your  mobile data or credits and also check your own sim card (phone) Number.  This applies to NZ accounts.

How to check my 2 Degrees NZ Account Balance.
Check your Balance
Text ‘bal’ to 233 to receive your credit balance, Minutes, text and
data balances as SMS.
Call 200 from your 2 Degrees mobile, and follow the simple
instructions to know your Data, Text and Credit Balance.

Dial *100# and press ‘Call’ button. A menu will be displayed, you
can choose your desire option from that to know your credit

Buying a 2degrees Data Pack

To buy your Pack simply log in to Your 2degrees, or text buy and the name of the Pack you want to 233.

Find my 2 Degrees Mobile Number
Dial – *001# while your are in 2 Degrees mobile network
If it is not working, then dial your friends number and find it on his


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