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Hard times for ICT Entrepreneurs in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Local information communication technology (ICT) innovators have expressed that the lack of leadership and policy support has challenged their effective growth in the information technology space.
Director and owner of tech start-up In4net Limited and leading PNG ICT cluster initiative leading advocate Priscilla Kevin, outlined major challenges faced by the sector and its local start-ups in operating innovative IT solutions for the country.
She said this yesterday during a PNG Innovators for development fair event hosted by the Institute of National Affairs in Port Moresby.
“In the PNG ICT cluster there are two things, especially there has to be some form of transformation in leadership that we need to create more role modeling coaching and mentors that can actually transfer the leadership that we like for our next generation.
“It is really good to see INA supporting young leaders by giving opportunities for young people to be part of that dialogue because it is their future and that becomes part of them.”
“The second one is the challenges around legislation. I speak as an entrepreneur perspective. Our ecosystem in the entrepreneur business system does not support start-ups. If you start a business it is expensive,” Ms Kevin said.
She mentioned common issues such as the high cost of internet, access to effective power, and other factors needed to actually succeed.
“As a cluster and group we try to advocate for these changes because it is for us and our people that come in. Some things that we talk about and advocate are on tax concessions and incentives for Papua New Guineans because as businesses when we start we have to pay taxes from the go.”
“If Fiji has tax incentives for their small businesses why not PNG,” she said.
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