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Software to revolutionize education processes in PNG

Papua New Guinea leading Software programmer Leonard Wanusim presented new software products that will revolutionize the education systems and the issues faced around teacher resumption, school enrollment figures and the school inspection process in the country.
The local software entrepreneur has contributed to national projects before and is the creator behind the much sought after Electoral Roll application and web based search tools during the 2017 National elections.
Mr Wanusim presented his latest software products called My PNG School and the NQSF (national quality standards framework) during a PNG innovators development fair event hosted at the institute of national affairs in Port Moresby on Tuesday.
“Last year I was the chief software engineer for the PNG Electoral commission, about 90 per cent of the software I did for them, including putting about 4.7 million records on the web.
“One of the things I take pride in is these two education systems that I have developed. I have been contracted to do this but I want to share to showcase how technology can help solve some of these problems in the country,” Mr Wanusim said.
One of the software produced was for his former school.
“We have got about over 13000 schools in the country and they have this problem of student enrolments and teachers resumptions and these are two big problems that our country faces,” he said.
How can we use technology for our country?”
Mr Wanusim said the software has been written for cloud and mobile based application for the Education Department.
“Every school in the country from national high schools to elementary every headmaster gets an account and they can log in and they can submit student enrolment and teacher resumption. It actually goes through four layers of approval process.”
“So officers at the department can know which schools are submitting data or not. Once the data goes through four levels of approval it gets into the TFF and the payments will be paid into this system.”
He said the data will be authenticated and users within the education space will have to provide their own user passwords.
For the second software system produced Wanusim produced what he calls the National Quality Standards framework).
The application assists inspectors in the country to inspect schools and formulate reports to give school assessments.
What has been done is that through AusAid they have standardised this process and it is based on evidence.
“There are about four standards or components and in that standard there are about four to six indicators. To assess these indicator users select options either for ‘not evident’, ‘emerging’, ‘established’, or ‘advanced’.”
He said the application will assist alleviate the tedious process through an evidenced based platform. Post Courier

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