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Sale of new mobile Phone SIM Cards to be restricted in PNG

THE sale of mobile SIM cards in Papua New Guiena will be closely scrutinised to specific points of sale, according to National Information and Communications Technology Authority.

Following the lapse in the deadline today, all mobile network operators will be issued instructions by tomorrow that no new SIM cards would be sold at any outlets that do not have registration taking place.

“Points of sale for new SIM cards will only be at outlets where registration can take place. No new SIM cards will be activated if they are not registered,” NICTA chief executive officer Charles Punaha said.

“Again our inspectors will be undertaking an exercise to visit all outlets where they are selling SIM cards previously and issuing warning notices to these outlets for them to cease.

“After the notice, if they continue to sell those SIM cards they will be confiscated.”

He said the exercise will be nationwide through their regional offices in Rabaul for the New Guinea Islands, Lae for Momase, Mt Hagen for Highlands and Port Moresby for the southern region.

Mr Punaha also explained discussions with the mobile network operators that their 30-day processing period for inactive numbers prior to recycling numbers after 90 days will not apply for those deactivated SIMs.

“Under this exercise our instructions to all the mobile network operators is that after a number is deactivated, that number must automatically go into the recycle process.

“If a subscriber wants to have a new SIM card he must get a new number as that old number will no longer apply.

“All numbers that are deactivated will go into recycle and subscribers not registered, if they want to get themselves registered, you obviously have to buy a new SIM card.” Post Courier

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