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Free Internet Access for PNG NASFUND Members and Employees

THE announcement of free internet access for Papua New Guinea Nasfund members and employees is one of National Superannuation Fund Limited and Telikom PNG’s greatest achievements.

“It’s one of the greatest things we have done between Nasfund and Telikom and it has never done before in the retail sense to service customers,” said Nasfund’s chief officer Member Services Charlie Gilichibi.

He added this applies to whether it is a bank, a government entity or private sector entity. Mr Gilichibi reiterated the services of allowing Nasfund members and employers can now have free internet access to Nasfund website, online app, smart phone app and the employer online portal.

“What better partners to have than being with Telikom, they have a great product, they have a great network with 4G, the internet speed are brilliant, the network is reliable,” said Mr Gilichibi.

“Will create as many services around the internet so that members can go and get everything they want on the internet, members can now go service their enquiries and employers can now go load their contributions directly.”

He added through the Telikom PNG’s 4G network, there is no more need for members to require data or employers to require pre-paid plans to go and access the digital online services for Nasfund. He said members should now go and utilise these services and members are also encouraged to buy a Telikom smart phone and sim card to access this service.

“With Telikom availability, affordability and 4G LTE that’s broad band speed we encourage members and employers to acquire and utilize the Telikom sim card,” said Telikom PNG’s national retail manager Amos Tepi.

Telikom PNG’s national sales manager Kevin Malai also reiterated Telikom has also built the 4G network in most towns across the country and they are pleased to partner with Nasfund to provide that mode of communication for members to access the Nasfund portal.

“Indeed it is a new and first of its kind that we have done with any entity and that is a partnership we would like to grow with Nasfund so that members will benefit from the services we are rolling out,” said Mr Malai.
Source: Post Courier

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