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Rotary club in PNG pushing for schools to buy ‘Teacher in a Box’ server

THE Teacher in a Box server is a better way to access information using a phone or computer, free of charge.
The Lae Huon Gulf Rotary Club, a non-government organisation, held an awareness to help schools buy the server.
The members of the rotary club did a presentation to heads of education departments at the National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea on Monday last week.
Previous presentations were held last year at Bugandi and Lae School of Nursing.
Rotary club member Gavin Whyte said the server was easier to access and contains a whole lot of information.
“Teacher in the box is a server and is better than a library,” he explained at the presentation to officials.
“You can log in with your phone or laptop, and access the information from it, any time of the day.
“You don’t need internet or to pay for data, you will only connect using Wi-Fi.
“The server can allow about 900 people to access it at the same time, the Wi-Fi connection range is about 800 metres.
“It is good for teachers, as the information you get from the server can also be printed and given to students.”
He said the idea of having the awareness at schools was to get them to buy it because it is convenient.
“There is a wide range of information on this server, and it can be updated every year,” he said.
“The range of information is for children’s learning at an early age, to calculus and to all other basic information.
“There are thousands of books, if you want to know about a famous painters or how to plant sweet potato or to bandage a broken leg, it’s all in there.”

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