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PNG Government owned Telecommunication Companies losing market shares

The Papua New Guinea Government owned  telecommunication companies have lost market shares and must join forces with bmobile-Vodafone, a senior Telikom spokesman says.
The spokesman said Kumul Telikom’s 4G network is faster than Digicel’s, however, it is difficult to buy its services.
“If they join forces with bmobile, the change would make a huge difference and people will enjoy better services,” he said.
The PNG Communication Workers Union, however, continues the sit-in protest against Kumul Telikom’s plans to merge its resources with bmobile-Vodafone as part of a plan to merge State-owned communication companies announced by the Government last year.
The union is claiming that communication companies are planning sweeping redundancies and retrenchment.
They also claim that employee entitlements are being threatened.
PNG Communication Workers Union president Nug Mamtirin said workers would continue the sit-in protest because they would like a memorandum-of-agreement for workers if they were going to be seconded to other entities.
Mamtirin said the protest would continue until they came up with a resolution.
However, the senior Kumul Telikom spokesman said: “The unions are resisting any change.
“They continue to claim that it is our intention to terminate our employees or reduce their pay and benefits.
“This is simply not true.
“What we want to do is combine our resources and our expertise so that we can become more effective and more competitive.
“We have a good 4G/LTE product in Kumul Telikom, but we have a poor sales and distribution network.
“We also have a poor network monitoring centre.
“We have communications experts in both bmobile-Vodafone and Kumul Telikom.”
He added that this would, in turn, make the companies a better competitor to Digicel.
“Digicel makes upwards of K800 million in
profits each year, while PNG communication companies make losses of about K30 to 40 million,” he said.
“If we work together we can offer better services – faster and cheaper internet.” The National/ PNGeHow


PNG Government owned Telecommunication Companies target Digicel

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