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PNG Technology Abbreviations & Acronyms

Technology Abbreviations and Acronyms
Here is a list of Technology Abbreviations & Acronyms commonly used in Papua New Guinea. You can search this website if some of them are missing in this list. 
  • ADSL -  Asynchronous digital subscriber line, a copper wire based digital-transmissionaccess technology with a higher download data rate than its upload data rate
  • APAC -  Asia-Pacific region
  • Gbps  - Gigabits per second. A measure of data transfer speed. One gigabit equals1 billion bits
  • GNI  - Gross National Income
  • ICCC   - Independent Consumer and Competition Commission of PNG
  • ICT  -  Information and Communications Technology
  • ISP  - Internet Service Provider
  • ITU -  International Telecommunications Union
  • IXP - Internet Exchange Point
  • NICTA -  National Information and Communications Technology Authority
  • NTN  - National Transmission Network
  • O3B - Other three billion. A series of low earth orbiting satellites intended to provide faster download speeds than traditional, high orbit satellites
  • PANGTEL - Papua New Guinea Telecommunications Authority
  • PNG -  Papua New Guinea
  • POM  - Port Moresby
  • Tbps  - Terabytes per second. A measure of transfer speed.
  • VSAT - Very small aperture terminal. A type of two-way satellite that transmits both narrow and broadband data to satellites in orbit. The data are then directed to other remote terminals or hubs around the planet
  • 3G - Third generation cellular mobile technology
  • 4G -  Fourth generation cellular mobile technology
  • SMS - Short Messaging Services
  • ATM - Automated Teller Machine
  • SIM - Subscriber Identity Module
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