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Papua New Guinea Education Institute to provide Cheap Internet and ICT Services

A K2.5 million project has enabled the PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) to provide internet services at a subsidised rate to its students, lecturers, staff, residents and neighbours.
Institute director Dr Zui Neofa said the opportunity would help PNGEI to have the service at a subsidised cost and would not worry about going to the e-library as they could access to internet anywhere on campus.
“Our teachers have been struggling to meet the high cost of internet services to do their work and studies,” Neofa said. “Cost factor has been lessened from our institution and we need to translate this service to our neighbouring communities.”
Neofa said they have in-service teachers who were adding extra responsibilities and the opportunity would enhance and boost students and teachers’ teaching and learning capacities.
“We stand ready to deliver to our residential members as well to our neighbouring communities like the police barracks and the others but at a controlled and very reasonable cost,” he said.
“We will give vouchers to interested internet users at a less cost to access internet service at the campus to sustain the service.”
Frank Kila said: “We have everything in our hands and we don’t need to rush in and out of the
e-library but stay in the dormitories and access internet services to do schoolwork, especially assessments.
“We can use the service anytime and anywhere, conducive for us to do our school work without spending any more to access the service on our mobile phones.”
The service has been made possible through the Connect the Schools Project which is one of the 2017 Universal Access and Service (UAS) projects implemented by the UAS Board through Nicta in partnership with the Education Department.
The project provides internet connectivity to selected schools and it is funded by the UAS fund which is financed primarily by industry levies and managed by Nicta, with internet services provided by Digitec, Digicel and Datec. PNGEI is among other colleges, others like Balob, Madang, Gaulim Nazarene, St Peter’s Chanell, Dauli and Enga teachers’ college, receiving internet services. The National

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