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PNG Nicta urged to create firewalls to protect children surfing the web

Internet accessibility to children is good, says Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra.
“I call on the Nicta board under the current laws or new laws to have what we call firewalls or security system that pass on the information that are not appropriate that is going into schools or young people,” he said.
“We all have to work together if we want to have a better Papua New Guinea, we want smart, we want people who are healthy, educated for a better future.
“We are working together but let’s look at all the regulations and policies to achieve a better outcome.”
Kombra said internet systems enable us to access information that was all overin an instant.
“It is all over us, we don’t see it, but when you have access to it you will go in and see the information that is coming through and that is regulated by Nicta.”
Kombra said Nicta was the body that made decisions that were out in space that could be accessed or not out in space and that was going to come into the classrooms and go into the pockets of the students.
“Today our society is being affected and is fragmented by some of the unregulated information that is coming through,” he said.
He said the recently launched Citizenship and Christian Values Education (CCVE) was aiming to mitigate some of the social issues – disrespectfulness, sorcery, murder, prejudice and many others.
Various reforms taking place in the education system meet the needs and demands of the country, he said.
Kombra said the alternate purpose of education was to provide equal opportunity to every child to achieve high academic standards.
“The students need to be adequately prepared to effectively function in life.
“This will only require the students to be adequately equipped with essential knowledge and skills, values and attitudes.”
But this is also to ensure that they are able to muster and use what they have learnt to improve their livelihoods and those who they associate with.
“A person who gets a good education will become a good citizen,” Kombra said.

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