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University of Goroka gives laptops to students to cut down on use of paper

THE University of Goroka in Papua New Guiena is promoting the use of laptops to help cut down on the use of paper to promote a more environmentally friendly university.
The university introduced the laptop programme last year as part of a programme to shape the institution into a paperless university and ensure that it produces graduates with good ICT knowledge and skills, said Vice-Chancellor Professor Musawe Sinebare.
“This project is part of the university’s different approaches to improve teaching and learning standards at the university,” he said.
The programme allowed every first year student registering under a four-year degree programme to have a laptop upon the full payment of fees.
“By 2020, all degree students at the university will have laptops,” Sinebare said.
The project was likely to cost the university more than K1 million a year, depending on the number of students enrolling. Under the programme, the university pays three quarters of the cost of the laptop while the student pays one quarter, with the student’s payment spread over four years.
The laptops are acquired by Unigor Ltd, the university’s business arm, through the university Bookshop under a lease agreement.
Sinebare said that of the 1225 first-year students who registered last year, 1172 paid their fees in full and received a laptop.
“The remaining 304 students who completed their full fees later in 2017 are now receiving their laptops this year,” he said.
“It is anticipated that a similar number of first-year degree students this year will cost the University more than a million kina (in laptops). Procurement is underway for the 2018 laptops.”
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