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ICT training to improve the capacity of FODE staff in PNG

A training on financial management and ICT to improve the capacity of the provincial coordinators and senior clerks of FODE is being held in Port Moresby.

This is so they can do their daily responsibilities confidently, effectively and efficiently at their provincial offices.

The training is the initiative of the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) management based at the head office in Waigani.

FODE head office realises that in order for the 22 FODE provincial centres to control their resources better, the provincial coordinators and their senior clerks need to be equipped with knowledge and skills in managing the resources and computer proficiency.

The current reality is that the provincial coordinators and their senior clerks execute tasks that include students’ enrolment figures, keeping sound records of students’ examination results, receipts of payments and transactions recorded, record bank reconciliation and general correspondences.

All documents are required to be recorded and kept accurately and archived in a systematic manner in the computer.

Therefore, such training given would boost their personal performances and outputs of their daily tasks.
Training on financial management and ICT was planned and held in the regions.

The Highlands and Momase regions’ training was held in Lae for two days from the July 12 to 18.
Fourteen provincial coordinators and eight senior clerks from Highlands and Momase regions attended the training.

Similar training is planned for the New Guinea Islands and Southern regions’ FODE coordinators and their staff.
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