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Best Buy Internet Data Plan in PNG for 2018

The cost of Internet in Papua New Guinea is quite expensive.  It is important to choose the best available internet provider to avoid rip off charges. In the last quarter of this year (2018), some internet service providers (ISPs) have been running promotions on their data plans.  Below we compare the prices  on data plans (note: we will provide voice call plans in our next post) for Digicel, Bmobile-Vodafone and Telikom PNG (Mobile carriers)

1. Digicel PNG

New Data Plans
Validity Data Price Short-code
1 Day 60MB PGK3 *777#
1 Day 200MB PGK7 *777#
3 Day 300MB PGK10 *777#
3 Day 500MB PGK16 *777#
7 Day 600MB PGK18 *777#
7 Day 1GB PGK30 *777#
30 Day 3GB PGK85 *777#
30 Day 5GB PGK130 *777#
30 Day 10GB PGK230 *777#

Note : Digicel has increased the 30 day plan to 20G  with price still at PGK230.  This means that the cost per megabyte is 86mb/K1.

2. Bmoble-Vodafone

This company's  data plans start from 50MB through to a whopping 15GB of data for heavy users.

To subscribe to any of the data plans, dial *777# on your phone and follow the prompts to select your data plan. Their data plan is shown below.

Bmobile -Vodafone has the 15G data plan but the exorbitant price compare to Digicel.

3.. Telikom PNG. 

The Telikoms 4G Network was bought off by Bmobile-Vodafone. The data plans and the pricing is same as the 4GLTE Netowrk Data Plan shown on the Bmobile-Vodafone network information above.

Telkom PNG still has 2G/3G data plans.
Screenshot of TelikomPNG Data Plans and Price. sourced from Telikom website


At the moment, Digicels 20G data plan for 30 days stand out to be cheaper than other network.

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