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How to view Grade 10 and 12 Examinations Results online in PNG

Students, Guardians and Parents can see the Grade 10 and 12 Examination Results online. The Papua New Guinea Education Department has made this possible with an online web application or website.

-  Computers (either Desktop or laptop) with Internet Connections
- Smart Phones with Internet.
- Other applications that can access internet.

How to access the Online Examination Results Portal. 

1.  visit : www.pngdoeexamresults2018.com
2. Enter the UserName and Password.

Now it is a bit tricky here.   Username will be your Surname   FirstName+MiddleName.
Note: If you have middle name, Do not put space between your first and middle name. You simply enter first name followed by middle name without space between the names.  See screen shot below.

You should enter the Password in this format.    YYYYPROVINCESCHOOLCANDIDATENUMBER
  • YYYY = year (example : 2018)
  • PROVINCE = Province code (Example: 01)
  • SCHOOL =  School Code (Example: 900)
  • CANDIDATE Number :  School leaver Number/Candidate Number (Exampe: 1002)

So your password will be for example  :  2018019001002  (Change the numbers in red with your own details) Note : You can change default  Password to your own after you log in. 

Simply select the Results of Grade 10 or Grade 12 shown on the graphics below. 

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