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Grade 10 and 12 Online Examination Results in PNG

Grade 10 and 12 Students in Papua New Guinea (PNG) can access their Examination Results online. The Minister for PNG National Education Department  Nick Kuman launched the online Examination Results for both Grade 10 and 12. For this year, a total of 72,012 Grade 10 students and another 30,662 grade 12 students throughout the country will now have access to their final examination results online.

The Results are available in two formats.

  1. Web Application (Website) www.pngdoeexamresults2018.com
  2. Mobile Application - Student can download an mobile application on Google Play Store. Search of type ''Exam Results PNG'

- Desktop or Laptop Computers with internet Access
- Smart Phones with Internet Acces.
- Any other devices that can access internet

‍How to access the Examination Results

- Login into : www.pngdoeexamresults2018.com
- Enter the Password.

Username :  Surname   Middle Name    First Name
The password is in the following format.

Yyyy = Years (ex.2018)
Province = Province Code (example : 06)
School = School code (Example: 96)
Candidate : Your School leaver Number /Candidate Number (1001)

So the Password  would be something like
201806961001  (change the numbers in red)

This means you will enter  the year (2018) followed by your province code, School Code and your candidate number.  Later you can change the password. See the sample login page below.  Go to the Get Grade 10 Results button below to access the results. ​ Visit the web application here.

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