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Weebly removes RSS Feed Reader, Weebly RSS Reader alternatives

This RSS feed reader element is not
supported in weebly. 
Weebly no longer supports RSS Feed Reader in its site builder. The company has announced the removal of the native RSS feed reader. That means, the native RSS Feed Reader is no longer available to website designers who are using weebly. If you are building a blog or website with Weebly, there are no inbuilt feed readers and you have to look elsewhere for RSS feed reader alternatives.

Below are few RSS Feed Reader you can use on your weebly website.

. Feed. Mikle 

This is one of the best feed readers you can used on your weebly website. This app brings  content and life to your websites. The RSS widget integrates dynamic  content into your websites - easier and faster.It can pull images and produce nice thumbnails for your posts.  It has paid and free versions. Try it out .

Steps on how to implement it.

1.  Visit Feed Mikle webiste site here
2. Create an account  with your email or social Media Accounts.

3. Get your RSS Feed from your Weebly site and paste the url on the Feed Milkle Widget as shown on the image above.

4. Get  the code by clicking on the Save and Get Code  button..

5. Apply the embedded code on your weebly website by using the Embedded Code element in your weebly site editor.  See live demo on  this site : Scholarships Awards 

Feed Burner RSS Feed Reader

If you are using Feed Burner, you can implement their code to read your feed on your site.

Here are steps on how to implement it

1.  Login to your Feed Burner Account.

2. In your feed burner account, go to Publisher tab (1) than click BuzzBoost (2). Get the code shown in (3) and embed it on your weebly website using the  Embed Code element in your weebly site builder.

3. You can make changes to the feed to get the look you want it for your site.

Here is an example of a Weebly designed site that implements Feed burner feed : See Scholarships Awards

RSS Dog.

This is another awesome free feed reader that you can use it for your weebly website.  This application supports php, inframe,java scripts and html.

You can get the html/java script format and embed it on your weebly website using the html embed code.

How to implement it

  1. visit : https://www.rssdog.com
  2. Enter your Weebly blog RSS feed shown below (2).
  3. Set up the feed settings (number of posts you want to display, feed background, description etc)
  4. Get the Code (4) and implement it on anywhere on your weebly website. 

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