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Computer skills Training boost for participants in PNG

Eighty-three people from settlements in Moresby-South have received eight weeks of training in computer and leadership skills.
Kaugere Rehabilitation and Training Centre in Port Moresby enrolled 34 women and 49 men from Joyce Bay, Kaugere and Badili for the training.
Director Pastor Tonny Sarvoa said they were taught on Microsoft Word and leadership one week a month for over an eight-month period starting in March.
Owen Ori, 50, a Grade 6 drop out from Gulf, graduated with a certificate in Microsoft Word and is now able to type up his curriculum vitae and other letters.
“I have a computer but no one taught me how to use it,” he said.
“Training helped me a lot in writing application letters, creating invoices and receipts, and being able to write my personal curriculum vitae.”
Another student, Max Harry, 42, said he knew how to use Microsoft Word but had no certificate verifying that.
He said now that he had a certificate, that would help him apply for skills-related jobs.
Another student, Oki John, 29, said he had a computer but never used it because he didn’t know how to use the programmes.
“The training gave me further knowledge and skills,” he said.
“It will help meet my personal needs.”
Thomas Kuma, 32, said he acquired leadership management skills to tackle issues in the community and church.
Trainer Alphonse Raiava said skills were intended to give participants a second chance to learn basics of producing birthday cards, writing invoices and receipts, typing letters, writing minutes of meetings, copy and paste, editing, converting from documents to PDF and so forth.
He said the leadership management skills training was aimed at teaching participants to identity issues and find strategies and creation solutions.
The school was registered under Investment Promotion Authority in 2017.

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