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Cost of Internet Services in Solomon Islands

Internet Services in Solomon Islands  are provided by several companies. These companies mainly provide the internet services in the major urban areas. Internet Services in remote areas are rare and in most cases not available.

However, some mobile carriers are now penetrating those remote areas and internet can be accessed via the mobile phones or on computers through wireless dongles.

The main internet retailer in Solomon Islands is Telekom  Solomon Islands

Telekom Solomon Islands

4G Internet 

4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology that follows on from 3G and 2G. LTE stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’ and is a 4G technology that is designed specifically for handling high speed mobile data for your 4G handset and other LTE-capable devices.

The 4G frequencies deployed in Honiara are:         

700 MHz Band 28 (wireless to the premises WTTX)
1800 MHz Band 3 (mobility)

Frequency Division Duplexing FDD is the modulation technology used in Our Telekom 4G Network.

For now only Honiara has 4G coverage. Everywhere else will continue to have 3G and 2G.

 4. How can I access 4G+LTE?
You must satisfy the following:

You must be in 4G coverage area in Honiara
You must have a 4G capable mobile handset and your 4G mobile handset setting is set to pick the 4G signal.

You must have a Telekom simcard
If prepay, you must have credit, if Postpay your usage will be billed to your account.
 5. Do I need a specific 4G+LTE sim to access 4G+LTE or can I use my current Telekom sim?
You can access 4G using your existing simcard that is currently working on 3G and 2G. We however are ordering new batches of 4G labelled simcards for new customers. Some really old simcards do not support 4G and will not work. Do come see our frontline staff at our foneshops for assistance.

Bmobile - Vodafone

Data Data that lets you do more with your phone, pick one that best suits your need or call us to help you pick the right size.
Affordable and longer lasting, choose from our range of data bundles to whatsapp, wechat, post on facebook, skype or just surf the internet.

To subscribe to any data bundles, dial*888# on your phone to display the list and choose your option.

  Price :      $6         $15     $20         $50          $90         $220 $500
Included Data 90 MB 225 MB 400 MB 750 MB 1.25 GB 3 GB 7 GB
Validity 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days
How to subscribe? *888# *888# *888# *888# *888# *888# *888#

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