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Sky-Link hooks up PNG's Esaála District to Internet

THE people of Esa’ala district in Papua New Guinea's Milne Bay Province expressed joy and happiness when they werer hooked up to the internet recently.

They thanked MP Davis Steven for bringing the service with the help of a local company Sky-Link Advent PNG Ltd.

The internet connection would make life easier for people living in the remote parts of the district with no coverage of any other communication network.

The man who invented the Sky-Link network Wilfred Amai said that he has been trying for many years to get someone to see his product.

He said the Mr Steven trusted and believed in his product as being useful for the remote places where no other network is available.

The people of Esa’ala district were overwhelmed and praised Mr Steven because now they can get access to the world anywhere on the island.

One of the interesting features of Sky-Link is its apps which people could open and manage and it is at high speed when connected.

One of the conveniences of Sky-Link is they are perfect for places where no other networks could be reached.

Mr Amai said an accident occurred on August 5 when a dinghy drifted out to sea off Esa’ala and it was hard call for help because of no network.

He supports people use Sky-Link to call for help and a team arrived to rescue them.

“A similar incident occurred 10 days ago on Goodenough Island where a boat drifted. Post courier

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