Cost of Internet Services in Tonga

If you are coming to Tonga for the first time or if you are regular or resident, you may want to know the cost of Internet services in  this country. There are two telecommunication companies  in Tonga that provide Internet Services. One of them is a mobile carrier while the other has landline or disk broadband  Internet services.  These companies are

  • Digicel Tonga
  • Tonga Communication Corporation 

  • Below are the cost of internet services provided by these two mobile carriers. 

    Digicel Tonga 
    Digicel Tonga is a mobile carrier in Tonga and offers Internet rates to customers on its network. There are two categories. Prepaid and PostPaid data plans.

    Prepaid - Roaming Data Plan
    What are the new roaming bundle plans?
    Voice & SMS Roaming Plans Price (TOP$) Bundle Voice (Min) Bundle Data (MB) Validity
    $5 Plan                                         $5               15                                           100           7 Days
    $10 Plan                                        $10            30                                           200           7 Days
    $15 Plan                                         $15            45                                           300          7 Days
    $20 Plan                                         $20            60                                           400          7 Days
    3.    How do I purchase this NEW ROAMING BUNDLE Plan if I go overseas?
    Firstly, contact our Customer Care team on 123 and request that your Digicel number be activated to roaming Top up, then *123# SEND and follow below steps below when you’re overseas.

    Step 1 – Dial *123#
    Step 2 – select ‘Offers’
    Step 3 – select ‘Roaming Plans’
    Step 4 – ‘Roaming bundle will be display as below’
    $5_Roaming Bundle
    $10_Roaming Bundle
    $15_Roaming Bundle
    $20_Roaming Bundle
    4.     Is the NEW ROAMING BUNDLE plan available for post-paid customers as well?
    NO – This New Roaming Bundle plan is ONLY available for prepaid customers only.

    5.     Will I still get the FREE 3hours call home bundle?
    NO – there will be no more FREE minutes for seasonal workers in Australia. The only option for them to call back home is buying a roaming plan.

    Important Notes on the New Roaming Bundle:
    • Roaming Bundle will available for ALL roamers / roaming customers.
    • Unused data will be expire
    • Multiple opt in is allowed
    • Bundles can only be used while roaming
    • The bundle will not auto-renew
    • Roaming bundle offer is only available for Prepaid customers
    • No SMS bundle applied – It’s just Data & Voice ONLY
    • Bundle will also be available to Seasonal Workers as well (no more free minutes)

    Post Paid Plan
    Below is the Post Paid plan for internet services in Tonga on the Digicel Network

    • Tonga Communication Corporation 
    Tonga Communication Corporation offers broadband internet Services through their landline. They also offer wireless (wifi,) internet services. .  They have postpaid  and prepaid plans. See the graphics below.

    How we see it.

    If you are a visitor and  staying in Tonga for a short period of time, we recommend using Digicel Internet as you can access internet on your mobile phones.  Residents can resort to have internet services through TCC. 

    Digicel offers good promotions like unlimited data and voice calls. 

    Note: This pages is updated frequently, so do visit the page again for further updates.  

    In our next posts, we will look at cost of VOICE calls for both domestic and international for both networks. 

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