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The WeChat mobile wallet experience

The use of wallets has become pointless when in China.
Journalists who visited China just recently, were impressed to see how the use of a single social media platform, Wechat (Weixin) has made everyday life for people much easier.
This single application has interesting features such as the Wechat wallet which enable people to purchase goods from stores as well as paying bills and transferring money to a third party.
All can be done with a simple scan of the QR code.
The app itself has upgraded with time from being just a messaging app to voice and video calls, to having features like subscription, official and service accounts, moments, Wechat pay payment services, city services and Wechat business to name a few.
It was also reported locally in China that Tencent, the developer has introduced new features every year since its inception into the market which sometimes creates competition with existing service providers such as financial businesses.
Since its inception into the market in 2011 it has grew collecting users until it was listed as one of the most powerful apps in the world by Forbes in 2018.
Because it is now a one stop shop Wechat users don’t really use their emails and other social media applications that often as everything that they need is provided on Wechat.
Sri Lankan journalist Shelton Bandara who is an active user of this app said it was a brilliant idea to have created such an app that can solve everyday needs of people such as paying of bills and making doctor appointments.
Mr Bandara said instead of carrying cash with him to the supermarket he brings his phone there to purchase goods.
“Wechat is a very convenient and I love using it,” he said.
Another journalist from Malaysia Shazlina Azman said because she loves shopping she enjoys the Wechat business feature as it enables her to see which businesses have their products on sale.
“Whenever there is a sale I get notified and I was able to communicate directly with the company either to place order or ask for customised items,” she said. Post Courier

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