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Message to School Drop-outs : Get into food Production and Become a Business Tycoon

By Tiri Kuimbakul‎ to #BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

Everything happens for a purpose. Some things do not happen the way we expect and when they happen that way, there are things we can do about it, but sometimes there's nothing we can do. We have to accept the fact that things have happened the way they have, and look for alternatives. A good philosophy to have is that when one door closes, another opens.

This time of the year there are thousands of young people whose future hangs in the air because they have been left out by the education system. Most of them have not been able to meet the academic requirements to pursue further education, while many have been cast aside due to other reasons.

Whatever the case may be, the dropouts' lives at the cross road. They and their parents can look for money to pursue studies through self sponsorship. Many will do this. But many are likely to roam the streets in frustration and hopelessnes.

As I was thinking about what is happening in the country, I was reminded of a story in the Bible. It is the story of Joseph.

Joseph's is a long story but what I would like to focus on is what he did in his position as Prime Minister of Egypt after 13 years of hardship including hatred and rejection from his family, being sold once by his blood brothers and sold again in Egypt's slave market, working as a slave in Potiphar's house, being falsely accused for rape, and being imprisoned in the dungeon of Egypt.

When he was put in charge of the country's Food Security Program, he collected excess food during the first 7 years of abundance. Then when the 7 years of famine came, he sold the food not only to the Egyptian people but also to surrounding nations.

In Genesis Chapter 47, the Bible says that Joseph took all the money in Egypt by selling food, until there was none left in the land (verse 14). When there was no money to be found, the people exchanged their animals for grain. When all the animals were sold, they sold their land, and ultimately themselves (verses 15-26).

The lesson here, which I believe is a message for drop outs, is that the wealth of Egypt and neighboring countries shifted to Pharaoh through Joseph's stewardship of FOOD in Egypt.

With PNG's ever increasing population, food and livestock production is going to become a lucrative business. Everywhere in the world, farmers are usually among the wealthiest people because they produce and supply what everyone eats. This includes the Prime Minister and politicians to highly educated bureaucrats to business people and down to the so-called grassroots.

If you are a drop out reading this, I encourage you to become a food producer. Plant Kaukau, potatoes or vegetables, or look after pigs and chickens. It will be hard work, and people will gossip about you being a dropout and tilling the land. But if you brush people's opinions aside and persist, you will make money. The money you make may look dirty because your hands are dirty, but it will have the same purchasing power as the 'clean' money earned by office workers.

If you take to heart what I am sharing and do what Joseph did, eventually you will end up with the money earned by your highly educated and highly paid school mates, because they cannot eat money; they eat food. Then with the money you make you can purchase livestock, and land, and even make educated people become your employees.

Start at home, on your own land, and make your way eventually into the city. One asset you have on your side is time. Follow this path and one day you can be one of PNG's tycoons.

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