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Online Classifieds and Marketing Platforms in Papua New Guinea

The penetration of  Information Technology Communication and the Internet in (thanks to the mobile carriers) in Papua New Guinea has resulted in positive results for businesses. Businesses are now taking advantage of the rapid use of technology and internet to promote and market their products to wider audience. Now businesses don't have to wait for traditional print media or limited TVs space to promote or market their products and mobile and internet take stage. Below are some platforms that are used by individuate, businesses, NGOs, and government departments to promote their products.

List of free Classifieds in Papua New Guinea.   The listing is made in categories they are targeted.


  • Marketi Meri. www.marketmeri.com: One of PNG's  leading Classified Websites. You can buy or sell on the website free of charge. Free listing allowed. 
  • PNG Online Trade Classifieds : www.pngonlinetrade.com  This is one of classifieds websites in PNG. Free listing allowed.   
  • PNG Trade Center :  https://trade.onepng.com  : Another free websites where you can buy or sell online. Free Listings allowed. 
  • Post PNG : www.postpng.com.pg :  Run by Post PNG. This is another classified sites in PNG.  Free Listings Allowed. 
  • Bzzworld PNG : bzzworld.com.pg : Another Online Platform that you can buy products online.  You only buy their products. Listings not allowed. 
  • Fortuna Online . www.fortunapg.com : Classified website in PNG. Does not allow free listing. Paid listings. 


  •  PNG Facts Car lists :  www.pngfacts.com/used _Cars  : Lists of used cars in PNG. Free listings allowed. 
  • PNG Autos : www.pngautos.com  : Car Classifieds in PNG. Allows free listings. 
  • 2FastMotors   : www.2fastmotors.com : Used cars/New cars classifieds. Do not allow public listings 

Real Estate 

  • Hausples : www.hausples.com.pg : One of PNG's leading real estate classifieds. Allows free listings and wells as premium listings. 
  • Century 21 : www.century21.com.pg : Real Estate Classifieds in PNG. Only lists their products only. 
  • Ray White PNG : http://www.raywhitepng.com/ : Real Estate company in PNG. Public listings not allowed. 
  • DAC Real Estate : http://www.dac.com.pg/  : Promotes own products 
  • Strickland Real Estate : www.sre.com.pg : Promotes own products and services. 


  • Work Force PNG :  www.pngworkforce.com    : Free job classifieds. 
  • PNG Job Seek   : www.pngjobseek.com : Free Job classifieds
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