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Telikom PNG Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet

Telikom PNG  has announced the introduction of Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet. This means you no longer have to have existing landline to have Telikom's broadband Internet. Broadband internet is now wireless and available to the public now. The new product is  the Huawei B315 hardware (modem) and  is a 4G LTE modem that has a SIM card inside it. It connects to KTH mobile towers (bmobile and Telikom) and shares the connection over WiFi in the same way a mobile phone does when it is hotspotted. The SIM card that comes with it will give you access to Telikom's broadband prices (e.g. 15GB 30days K235), not their old mobile prices as these are being phased out as they move regular mobile customers to bmobile-Vodafone (15GB 30days K370).


For the monthly plan, Digicels 20GB/month/K230  still beats the Telikoms 15GB/Month/K235. However Digicel sometimes gets congested on its network and slows down internet speed. 

On the Telikom's 7 Days plan you get massive  7GB/K40 while Digicel is 1GB/K30. Telikoms 15GB for 14 days @K90 is very good data plan double that , you get  30GB for only K180 for 28 days if you subscribe next round after the 14 days expiry. 

No perfect solution but this new fixed wireless option for Telikom does make it easier to connect at competitive (for PNG) data rates. K399 for the modem is a reasonable price for the hardware you are getting.

Look at the price of the data plan above and make your judgement.

In, our next article, we will look at how you can share your broadband internet on your computer with mobile phone devices. Subscribe for post alerts

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