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Travel4Green (T4G) project in Papua New Guinea

Calling for Public Consultation on project document – Review and Comments
This is a call for public consultation, to review and comment on a documentation (white paper) being put together for a project in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  As part of the project’s road map, this call is to get public feedback on the final draft of its working document before going into development and integration of the project onto its digital platform.

The prototype is scheduled to be launched in April 2019 in Port Moresby and will go into full operation in June 2019.
Travel4Green (T4G) project is about offsetting global tourism carbon footprints and sustaining indigenous forests in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  It is an autonomous nonprofit private project – independent of any NGO or Government, is designed and operated by Howarig Traders, a consultancy firm registered in Papua New Guinea, the Operator of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Integrated Platform for Climate Initiative (IPCI) [https://ipci.io] provides the digital platform for this project. Preparation on the project development and integration has commenced.

Founder of DAO IPCI Dr. Anton Galenovich said the T4G PNG project is a promising one and DAO IPCI will continue to provide support on its digital platform.   

The Project design is based on public and programmable blockchain set of smart contracts. The project encourages travelers worldwide to calculate their carbon footprints to recognize how much carbon emissions they leave behind in the country they visit.

The calculated carbon footprint of their trip is offset with removals by sinks supporting the indigenous communities’ efforts against deforestation, logging, and land use clearing and covering the costs of managing and sustaining the standing forests.

The project is for the greater benefit of the indigenous people of PNG whom have been somewhat marginalized over the years of their forest resources and being ripped off by too many middlemen.

With REDD+, T4G PNG project has plans to offset carbon credits. Whereby over 60% of the total proceedings go direct to the indigenous forest landowners, of which 40% is directly paid into their Incorporated Land Groups (ILGs) nominated accounts for conservation of the forests against logging and land use on a blockchain platform that maintains high level of transparency.

The project is also giving a certain percentage to the Government of Papua New Guinea for its taxation, policy backup and regulatory support.

Discussions are ongoing with the PNG Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) to get into an agreement to work in partnership to implement the project in PNG.

CCDA is established by a Parliament Act that deals with Climate Change Policy, REDD+ Actions and MVR activities in compliance with UNFCCC in Papua New Guinea.

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