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Call to review PNG Cyber Act

PNG Police Minister Jelta Wong, has called for the Cyber Act to be reviewed and strengthened.
Wong said cyber bullying was becoming too common in the country with a lot of people been intimidated on social media platforms.
He said new policies had to be introduced to curb cyber crime as many people were using social media to harass, intimidate and threaten people.
“(Some) people don’t realise the implications of their actions when they use social media to hurt others,” he said.
“It is a form of bullying and it must be addressed.”
Wong was responding to an incident on social media where an MP’s alleged private conversation with a female was posted on public pages.
The matter is being investigated by detectives at the Boroko police station.
Sources said the three parties including the poster were working with the police to find who had hacked into their accounts.

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