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Weebly Footer Branding Ads Updates since 2019

Dynamic Weebly Footer 
Many Weebly users were able to modify (hide,remove) weebly footers  by using simple css tactics on their websites even if they used free version of the site builder. 

Until recently in March 2019, weebly updated the branding advertising on the platform. Weebly is running their branding advertisement dynamically to prevent its users from modifying or removing the footer branding ads. 

There are many hacking tips provided online on the removal of the Weebly Footer branding ads but these do not work anymore. 

So there is saying that goes, "Nothing is free" and that  leads to the solution below.  


The solution to remove the weebly footer branding ad is by purchasing any of the plans stated below. Weebly will remove the branding ads automatically when you buy one of the premium plans. 

Weebly Plans 

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