How to apply for TISA Savings and Loan Internet Banking

If you are a member of the PNG Teachers Savings and Loans Society (TISA),  you can apply for Internet Banking. Before we go on to explaining the processes of getting yourself registered on this platform, let us look at TISA.

A registered member of the Federation of Savings and Loan Societies Limited (FESALOS) in Papua New Guinea, the Teachers Savings and Loan Society Limited was established in 1972. The Society is registered under the Savings and Loan Societies Act (Amended 1995) and regulated by the Registrar of Savings and Loan Societies, who is also the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea.

The establishment of this Society provided an avenue for registered teachers and employees of the Department of Education to be actively involved in savings and to assist each other in times of financial need. In the early years, the Society had about 3000 members with a total cash turnover of K2 million per annum.

Internet Banking 

Internet Banking with TISA is essential as you can access  account anywhere.  It offers the following benefits:

  • Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds within your own accounts
  • Print Statements
  • Activate SMS Banking
  • Update Contact Details
  • View Interest Earned and Paid

How to Register

  1. You must complete the Internet Banking User Form (Download here)
  2. Your Application will be processed by TISA and an username and password(Access code) will be created for you. The Username is your Membership Number. 
How to Login.
  1. Visit and click on the Internet Banking to log in
  2. Enter the Username and Password given by TISA.
  3. Make sure to logout after use. 
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