PNG Teachers and Public Servants Pay Slip (MyPaySlip) Guide or Manual

Papua New Guinea Teachers and Public Servants can now access their payslips online through an online application called MyPaySlip launched by the government through the Education Department.

We here at PNGehow (Your Technology News and Tips provider) are delighted to provide the manual for this pay slip application. This tutorial is both for Mobile and Desktop users...Note: You must have access to the internet to use this application either on mobile phones or desktop computers.

How to use MyPaySlip Application 

You can follow the following steps to access your Pay slips using both Computers and  Mobile phones. That is, once you receive your password via email or text message, follow these steps below to log in to payslip application and check if your access is OK.

  1.  Open up a “Web Browser” either on your PC  or mobile phone Eg: “Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla”
  2.  Go to the address bar and type and Click refresh button or press enter on your keyboard. 
  3.   In the payslip User Login area, enter “FileNumber” and “Password” and Click on “Login” button.
  4.   Once you click “Login” it will open up the window listing your payslip history.
  5.   To VIEW your payslip, Click on “Payslip” on the right hand side of the payslip history under download column and it will open up you payslip details. 
  6.   If you want to DOWNLOAD your payslip, right click anywhere on your payslip, click “Save Page As
  7.  On File Explorer Window, select “Folder”  where you want to save your payslip, enter File Name “21062019-Rose-WandauPayslip”, Save as type “Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf,*.pdf)” and click “Save”. The file will be saved in the folder you select. 
  8.  To PRINT your payslip, click on payslip to open your payslip details, on the top right corner of the document, click on printer icon  , 

In print settings window, select your printer, and click “OK”.

Note : If you are yet to register, follow the >>  MyPaySlip Registration Guide   to register for an account.

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