Why Do you need a Domain Name for your Website?

By Kumul Hosting 
It is important for anyone that has hosting services (website & e-mail) to own their own domain - especially for small businesses.

Owning a domain protects you (the owner) when you need to switch hosting providers for whatever reason. If you have a public e-mail address (e.g. company.name@gmail.com) or a service provider address (e.g. example@global.net) for your business, you are stuck with that service provider forever - unless you want to lose your e-mail address.

If the service provider changes their infrastructure, security, requirements, policies or pricing, you have no option but to adapt.

If you are serious about an online presence or online communication (if you have an online store, website, blog, e-mail, forums, newsletters, etc.), owning a domain is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your ability to keep using your selected platform.

The Internet Service Providers' Association lists hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Papua New Guinea, many of them offer an ISP e-mail address (e.g. company@datec.net.pg).

Any of those ISPs can go out of business, and suddenly you no longer have an e-mail address if you have an ISP address with that ISP.

If you have your own domain, you could just switch to another hosting provider and carry on doing business (with minimal downtime).

Another important reason for having your own domain is that you are in control of everything hosted on your domain (with e-mail, that means anything before the @ sign).

How often do you see small businesses use company.admin1@gmail.com, company.admin2@gmail.com, and company.sales@gmail.com as company e-mail addresses?

If you own your own domain, you will be able to change that to admin@company.com, finance@company.com and sales@company.com.

That looks more professional, is much easier for your clients to remember AND gives you much more control at the same time.

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