Digicel PNG profiting by deception : Poll

Have you wondered why phone credits on your phone disappear? Have you ever wondered why you got 'missed call'  notices from friends even they never called you? Have you ever wondered, why your remaining credits ran out after you subscribed to a data plan and used it? Have you ever got calls from customer care people telling you, they have cheaper TV subscriptions?  Have you ever wondered why the Top card is K3 while the data subscription plan is K4? Have you ever wondered why you lost a credit when you check your phone balance?  Have you ever wondered  some data and voice plans do not work after you top up credits?

An online poll conducted by PNGeHow  sums  the answers  up for the above questions  that Digicel PNG uses deception to rob its customers. 

An online poll was conducted by PNGeHow to find out how mobile phone users feel about their mobile provider. The two main mobile phone carriers (Digicel PNG and Telikom/Bmobile put together) in the country were chosen for the poll.

The Poll Participants

There were 502 participants who took the poll online. It was conducted over a week using social Media (Facebook) polling app.

The Poll
Phone users in the country were asked to poll  by choosing the mobile carrier  to ask the e following question.

" Which Mobile Carrier uses deception (if any)  to make money?"
They were asked to choose either Digicel or Bmobile/Telikom

The Poll Results 

About 90% of the participants agreed that Digicel uses deception to make money while nearly 10% disagree and said Telikom/Bmobile tricks its customers.

Digicel PNG has the largest network in the country. According to media reports, about 300 network towers in the remote areas do not make money for the company.  Digicel has to somehow find the funds to keep the 300 towers operational. Do you know, where Digicel gets the money from? Of course, its from you as customers/users but is it through deception?

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