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How to Report Overcharging of Fares or fees by PMVs , Taxis and Buses in PNG

This morning the ICCC carried out a joint operation with the Road Traffic Authority, and Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary by carrying out inspections of public motor vehicles (PMVs) travelling from Gerehu to Waigani.

As a response to complaints received from the public ICCC officers were at the Waigani bus stop to make aware to PMV operators and the public the correct bus fares that should be paid by commuters. PMVs that charged commuters K2 and primary students above the approved 50t bus fare were made to reimburse passengers and warned that this exercise would continue until PMV operators began complying with the law.

Bus fares for declared routes are as follows; Adults - K1.00; Primary and Secondary Students - K0.50; Tertiary Students - K0.80. These are the approved bus fares for 2019.

PMV crews must not charge more than this amount. PMV users (commuters) report to the ICCC on 325 2144 or 180 3333 (toll free) by providing the following details:

1. Plate number of the bus;
2. The particular route the offence occurred;
3. The time of day and the date the offence occurred; and
4. Complainant name and contact details.

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