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Digitalisation can create new jobs in PNG, says Bank official

DIGITALISATION of the banking system can create new jobs in Papua New Guinea , a senior bank official says.
Kina Bank’s executive general manager for integration Wayne Beckley said this when The National asked if the digital transformation of the banking system would lead to job losses.
“Whilst digitisation can lead to certain roles changing, it is common for digitisation to create other roles and opportunities which previously didn’t exist,” he said.
“For example, at Kina Bank we’re in the process of building up a credit cards product and operations team.
“These roles had not previously existed at Kina Bank and they were performed by ANZ off-shore in places like Fiji, Singapore and India.
“We’re bringing them back to PNG and creating jobs to support our digital aspirations.
“Similarly, we’re introducing a state-of-the-art Eftpos fleet that comes with a colour touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth and 4G.
“It means, we can introduce unlimited possibilities for innovation, starting with GooglePay. To support this, we’re creating a new team of people who will be able to drive digital innovation for our customers.” The National /PNGeHow

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