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Online portal Business Link Pacific focuses on supporting SMEs in Pacific

PORT MORESBY: An online portal has been launched to help small and medium sized businesses in the Pacific access advice and services in New Zealand in order to help them grow.
Business Link Pacific (BLP), a New Zealand government-funded development and advisory programme, launched the portal with events in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Fiji to mark the occasion.
Business Link Pacific (BLP), a New Zealand government-funded 

At the launch in Port Moresby, New Zealand High Commissioner to PNG Phillip Taula said his country was committed to supporting prosperity and the resilience of Pacific through a strong and diverse private sector.
He said the portal was an important component of the broader BLP programme.
BLP director Steve Knapp said the portal was designed to promote high quality business services, built upon a network of regional advisers and make the process of accessing expertise as streamlined as possible for Pacific businesses.
He said businesses could now jump online and register.
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), could complete the online “health check” which would identify gaps in their business.
“You answer some questions and it creates a dashboard for you that shows how well different parts of your business are doing and which parts of the business could benefit from assistance and some advice and services,” Knapp said.
“Then through the portal we can connect SMEs in the Pacific with local service providers that can help.”
He said there were a wide range of service providers that could be accessed.
“Local marketing firms that can help them with websites and digital marketing,” he said.
“Local firms that do accounting and finance, can help them to prepare bank loans. Or maybe with human resources and job descriptions and recruitment.” – RNZ

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