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ICT and digital economy in PNG

A business consultant  Tsang who  had served as Hewlett-Packard’s global account director, Oracle business development global account director and director of educational services, and Global Knowledge Training general manager says  ICT can help boost PNG’s economy but it needs a collaborative effort by both the Government and businesses to invest in ICT technology and applications to accelerate the digital economy transformation to a high level.

“Investment in ICT is not only on the Government side, there must be overall investment from both the government, businesses and consumers. The Government is the enabler and can support with various physical and policy implementations and internet providers to build extensive telecommunication networks to provide access to all, especially the rural areas.
“Without a proper ICT infrastructure and very affordable internet access rates, it will be a slow struggle. Therefore affordability will make the difference to everyone one, organisations, businesses and the Government.

“The use of ICT technologies is potentially efficient and effective to drive growth in industries, tourism, agriculture, education, health and security (both public and private) in enhancing law-and-order enforcement,” he added.
He said “the sky is the limit” if everyone in PNG embraced the digital platform and ICT applications, recognising the potential ICT investment to GDP growth.
Also, internet penetration, the use of Personal Computers (PC) and other electronic gadgets to access cyberspace is key to this 21st Century ICT digital era.

The borderless and speedier access to information helps to drive global progress in education, science and technology. Whatever, nothing can put the brakes on the internet’s influence in the advancement and growth of global science and technology.

Deloitte Australia’s Peter Williams told a Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry business breakfast on March 28 that Papua New Guineans should be prepared for the digital era.
“The World Bank estimates that by 2040, PNG could increase its economy by US$5 billion (K16.9 billion) and create 300,000 jobs,” he added.

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