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WanTALK Messenger App developed by Papua New Guinean launched

Acting Prime Minister Davis Steven yesterday launched the WanTALK messenger application which he likes to call “Papua New Guinea’s Version of WhatsApp” developed by a local software developer Wilfred Amai of the Skylinkinvent.

Developer of the WanTALK application, Wilfred Amai says, the WanTALK Messenger App is the equivalent of WhatsApp with more features which are more suited for a country like Papua New Guinea with secure transmission of files up to 1.5 GB and most importantly can operate at a low bandwidth speed.

The Acting Prime Minister who is excited about this new and home-grown invention says, as we move to review and reform what PNG has gone through since Independence, this creation will place Papua New Guinea at a new level of showcasing local talents and what they can do.

On behalf of the Marape Steven Government, the Acting Prime Minister, Davis says the government is committed to doing a post-APEC review on all the gains that can be made and one such gain is the partnerships with the APEC economies who are willing to help the country especially in the digital space.

As Acting Prime Minister and a person who has deep interest in ICT and new innovations, Steven commended Mr.Amai and many other Papua New Guineans who are inventing and creating such applications and innovations stating the government will support such citizens who are working positively to move PNG forward and this creation is one such effort to support and strengthen.

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