Telikom PNG Equips Port Moresby Police with Toll Free Line, Free Internet and Computers

Police in the National Capital District Metropolitan Command have received a major boost to their operations with the sponsorship by Telikom PNG in installing, for the first time, a Police Toll Free Line and Internet Services for the benefit of city residents.

Telikom PNG Chief Executive Officer Xavier Victor, Acting Managing Director of Kumul Telikom Holdings Dr Mosey Sau and NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou today announced and signed the Memorandum of Understanding to commence the community service.

This will include the Toll Free Line 1800100, 50 GB data per month to manage the Facebook Page “NCD Police Crime Alert” and a brand new computer set to access Facebook.

Telikom CEO Mr Victor says the service is part of the company’s community obligations and in due course will expand to the rest of the country.

The service came about with a total value of K200, 000 and the agreement will be subject for review after 3 years.

KTH Managing Director Dr Sau says with the country having the highest crime rate in the region due to various circumstances, the Police Force have been doing their best under trying conditions to handle these issues and as a State Owned Entity, Telikom PNG can only do so to support the police.

NCD residents can now call the Toll Free Number on Fixed Telephone Lines, Fixed Wireless Line and Bemobile 4G and 3G phones to report crime activities.

Residents can also seek assistance from the police through their Facebook page “NCD Police Crime Alert” online.

The toll free number will also be placed on all Telikom PNG and Police vehicles.

NCD Met Supt Chief Superintendent Perou N’dranou while thanking Telikom PNG for the initiative undertaken says this significant milestone will also require total commitment from the NCD Police Force and has assured the public that they will up for the challenge.

Met Sup N’dranou however highlighted that no police force can survive or carry out effective and efficient community service on its own, adding the effort by the force is a reflection of the assistance it receives from partners and communities.

With Telikom PNG assisting from the communications aspect, Police will also be challenged to ensure the other aspects of logistics, fuel and manpower is adequately available to successfully carry out its community policing duty.

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