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Which Internet Data plan is better in PNG? Digicel vs Bmobile

There are two mobile carriers in Papua New Guinea at the moment (as of April, 2020) and their internet data plans differ.
So the question many ask is?
  • Which Internet Data plan in PNG is better? is it Digicel or Bmobile?
Well, before we look into each of them, just for clarity, Bmobile offers both 3G and 4G internet.

3G runs on its network, while the 4G runs on Telikom PNG network or Bmobile bought it  from Telikom PNG but still runs on  the Telikom Services. 

Now back to our answer on the above question.    Today we look at the Day (daily rate) data plans for each of the mobile. Remember, Day data plans are for 24 hours use only. 

  • Day Plan - Digicel PNG
Digicel offers the following on its Day Data Plan.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Digicel's daily data plan is propositional to the money you spent.  This means, a you spend more, you get more data value. 

Pros of Digicels Day data plan.
  • internet data plan can be used anywhere in PNG as digicel covers most areas in the country.
  • Good value of Social Media, however, data plan does not include, image display and video upload or views on social media. 
  • You can subscribe multiple times. 
  • both 3G/4G are available on this dataplan 
Cons for Digicel Day Data Plan
  • Very Expensive 
  • Data drains out quickly as data per kina is very high. 
  • Not suitable for youtube, skype or video calling. 
  • Social Media plans do not include image display/upload as well as video uploads, downloads or viewing. 
  • Bmobile Data Plan
Bmobile offers the following on its 3G/4G network.

The above screenshot shows the Bmobiles 4G Dataplan.  As you can see, Bmobile only offers
500Mb for only K3 on its day data plan. This is massive data plan isn't it?  Digicel tries to compete with bmobile on this data plan but as you can see, digicel gives 500Mb for Social pass but in reality it is useless as it only allows text views on social media (facebook). 

Pros of  Bmobile Day Data Plan
  • Massive data for a day's use
  • Good for video calling 
  • Cheaper 
  • 4G high speed internet 
  • multiple subscription 
Cons of Bmobile Day Data Plan

  • Frequent disruption on its Network. 
  • does not cover all of PNG
In out next post, we will look at the weekly plan and the monthly plans of each of the mobile carriers. 

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