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'Cheap Data Plan' sees Spike in Bmobile Network usage

Bmobile’s “cheap mobile data plans” have seen an increase in the use of social media, video streaming and gaming, according to acting chief executive officer Athula Biyanwila.
Bmobile, one year ago, reduced its internet rates on which the retail pricing were passed on to the customers.
It reduced its data pricing by over 80 per cent immediately after the Kumul Submarine Cable was commissioned between Port Moresby and Madang.
With the introduction of the domestic Coral Sea submarine cable, bmobile increased the bandwidth, thereby providing its 4GLTE customers with high speed and quick internet access.
“Regardless of the wholesale price, we wanted our customers to be able to enjoy the benefits of new technologies that have been available in developed countries for years,” Biyanwila said.
“We have seen a surge in the usage of social media, video streaming and gaming by our customers after the introduction of our cheap mobile data plans, with this accelerating during the recent Covid-19 lockdown.”
Marketing manager Nathaniel Lepani said: “Bmobile strives to put our customers’ needs first, so we supplemented our cheap mobile data plans by launching a RED-X 4G Dash handset at an attractive price point of K199.
“We will continue to lead the market with pricing that makes it more affordable for everyone to join bmobile family and enjoy cheap mobile data rates and the best-valued bundles.”

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