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Telikom, Bmobile and Digicel Internet Data Plans comparison

Here is the comparison of data plans for the Telikom, Bmobile and Digicel for 2020.  The listing below is made from the cheapest to the most expensive  data plan (starting with cheaper data plan). 

  • Telikom PNG
Telikom PNG Offers the cheapest internet data plan in PNG. Telikom is not a mobile carrier. 
Telikom Data Plan
The image above shows the Telikom PNG data plan

  • Bmobile
Below is the data plan for Bmobile. This is a mobile carrier. 

Bmobile Data Plan
Bmobile data Plan

  • Digicel PNG
Digicel is a mobile carrier in PNG. Their data plans are expensive.

Looking at the 1 day data plan, Telikom PNG offers the cheaper rate with
1000mb for K5,  Bmobile offers 500 mb  for K3 and Digicel offers  K7 for 400mb.

As you can see, Digicel is more expensive then  both Telikom and Bmobile combine. 
Note that all three companies offer 4G network. 

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