How to Check Grade 10 and 12 Examination Results Online

 Examination Results when published online are beneficial to students,parents, schools, institutions, sponsors and other stakeholders. Just to name few, it gives time for parents to prepare for their children's education, results are provided on real time and so on.   It is therefore, it is crucial that the Education Department publish the Examinations Results online. 


Grade 10 and 12 Examination Results online
Grade 10 and 12 Examination Results online 

In this tutorial, we will cover the following. 

  • Grade 10 Examination Results 
  • Grade 12 Examination Results. 

Grade 10 Examination Results 

  1.  Examination Development -  The Examinations for Grade 10 Students are developed by the Department of Education through the Measurement Services Division (MSD).  According to the MSD Examination Handbook, the examinations are written by selected  teachers around the country. Sometimes Examinations are developed from  item banks where questions are developed by schools and submit to MSD.  These questions are compiled in the examination format and go for printing and eventually distributed to the provinces. 
  2. Examination Marking and Recording -  Grade 10 Examinations are provincial functions. This means each province mark their Grade 10 Examination Scripts, records the results for each student in their province and sent them to MSD  for recording and processing. 
  3. Marks are processed using Norm Reference - After the Provinces submit their results, MSD processes the results using Norm Reference. 
  4. Online Publication of Grade 10 Examination Results - After all marks are processed, results are published online. See at the end of this post, the steps to access your results. 
  5. Certificate Printing - Grade 10 Results are only shown through the certificates that each student gets. Unfortunately, students are not shown the scores they scored on the final Examinations.  Note that the final grades that appear on the certificates are from the External Examination + the Internal Marks.  
Note : Steps on how to check Grade 10 Examination Results online are given at the end of this post. 

Grade 12 Examination Results Online 

Similarly to Grade 10 Examinations, the Grade 12 Examinations are developed by the Measurement Services Division of the Education Department. However, the examinations are thought to be written by University Lecturers every year. 

These questions are then formatted and printed overseas. They are then distributed to the provinces where all the Grade 12 student sit for it.

Grade 12 Examination Marking is conducted in Port Moresby through marking conferences where hundreds of Grade 12 teachers are brought in to mark the examination scripts. 

After marking and recording of marks are completed, MSD also uses Norm Reference to process the marks. Internal marks are standardized to same mean as the examination mean of 50. 

These Results are then submitted to Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) for Tertiary selections where they are uploaded on the NOAS, while MSD proceeds to print Grade 12 Certificates and distribute them to  schools. 

And that is the background of the  Grade 10 and Grade 12 examinations in the country and lets get back to our tutorial on how to access those Examination Results online.

How to Check Grade 10 and Grade 12 Examination Results online 

Accessing the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Examination results is easy nowadays, thanks to the technology advancements as you can view it  real time live through your computers, mobile phones, tablets, tv and so on. Below are the steps on how you can access your Results online. 

Before we delve onto it, the following are required.
  • Smart Phone with internet connect
  • Computer (desktop & Laptop) with internet connection 

How to access the Results 

Step 1 :  Launch this website address  : You will be  now in view of the examination database interface. 

Step 2 :  Select which Grade you want to view the Results .  that is either   Grade 10 or Grade 12

Step 3 :  You will be asked to enter the User Name and the Password. Follow carefully the following.  

Username :  Surname   Middle Name    First Name  (Ex:  O'NeillPairiPeter) without space. Note: If you do not have the middle name, use your surname and your name. 

The password is in the following format. 

Yyyy = Years (ex.2022)
Province = Province Code (example : 56)
School = School code (Example: 600)
Candidate : Your School leaver Number /Candidate Number (1001)

So the Password  would be something like
20225696001001  (change the numbers in red)

Note: The results for this year will  be live on 15th December. 

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