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Row over Facebook Password sees Woman charged in PNG

 A Papua New Guinea Woman has been charged under the Cyber Crime Act for allegedly publishing defamatory comments about her ex-husband on Facebook last August in Port Moresby.

Edith Agaru, 27, from Gomore village, Rigo, Central in PNG, made her first appearance before Magistrate Garry Unjo, who read her the charge of defamatory publication allegedly committed against her ex-husband John Sepoe.

On Jan 20, 2020, between 9.20pm and 9.35pm, Agaru allegedly stabbed Sepoe in the abdomen and fled after an argument arose between the two over Agaru’s Facebook password.

She was then arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

Then, on Aug 20, 2020, at 9-Mile, Port Moresby, Agaru allegedly made the following posts on Facebook against Sepoe under her Facebook account “Mea Edith Akila”, stating: “Hi everyone, please be advised that as of this night, I am divorcing JOHN SEPOE.”

The comments continued: “He is no longer my husband so please if you see me, don’t bother to ask me about him. I am capable without him and I am OK in raising my kids.”

She then allegedly used explicit language against Sepoe stating: “papa nothing you can go papa lo kainkain pamuk kamap rubbish collector blon POM city vacancy for rubbish collector (Father for nothing you can go father different prostitutes and be a rubbish collector for Port Moresby city vacancy for rubbish collector). Hahaa, I will be ok without him as long as God is my strength and refuge I am still a winner.”

Sepoe laid a complaint claiming that the comments were made to tarnish his reputation.

Agaru was then arrested and charged with defamatory publication.

She is out on a K500 bail.

The National / PNG Tech News

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