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How to add Read More Link in Weebly Blog Post

 Adding a Read More break  element in weebly blog post is imperative not only because it makes your site look attractive and organised  but it also shorten your long post article and produces are read more link. Read More break element can  also make your blog posts easy to navigate.

The Read More break element  is only available for Weebly blogs but not the standard pages. 

Below are steps on how you can implement the Read More page break link or element in a weebly blog post. 

  1. login in to your weebly site at www.weebly.com
  2. Once in your website interface, go to your blog section 
  3. Click on New Post.
  4. Give a title of your Post
  5. Drag in first text element to post and type in or paste first paragraph of your post text.
  6. Drag in the Read More element just after the text you have written in step 5 

  7. Then drag in the second Text Element just below the Read more break element and complete typing your post text. 
  8.  Hit the post tab to make your post go live. You should be able to see your Post Read More link now live. 

See example implemented  on this website site . PNG Tech times 

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